Photo Management

Losing photos is the worst! This is how I keep mine safe for the long haul!

Photography Workflow

I keep EVERYTHING photo and video related in Photos.
Synced with iCloud Photo Library

They range from about 2007 - 2021
(with some scans of paper photos from earlier)

Currently I have 50,955 photos and 1,507 videos in there and Photos runs great!

as of December 2021

For organization:

I have the standard Photos provided categories

I then also organize things into Albums, and each of those albums are in broader year based albums.

I also have created smart albums for every year that will show me every photo from a given year since every photo is not in an album.

Also a special album to show me me anything that hasn’t uploaded to iCloud for some reason.

All this being said, search works pretty damn well in Photos so I can see a day in the near future where I don’t do any manual organization and just search for things:

and so on..