1000 Words Project

A blog post I wrote explaining the project is here.

Everyone knows that a picture is worth 1000 words.” We also know that books are comprised of words. Nothing revolutionary here so far, I know, bare with me. What I want to do is create a book that is comprised of 1000 photos of words found out in the world. And the best part is I want to involve all of you! Ok, so how is this all going to work?

I setup a form where you can upload your photo of a word and attach all the related info so I can put it in book. That form can be found here: https://airtable.com/shrR022piKAb6rsei

There are some basic ground rules for the photos to make sure everything comes together nicely in the end result.

  1. Any camera / phone is fine to use
  2. Photos in landscape orientation
  3. Photo taken by you, not found on the internet
  4. 3 Megapixels+ in size ideally
  5. Photos in 3:2 aspect ratio
  6. Fill the frame as much as possible with the word
  7. If the words are not English, please provide English translation if possible
  8. Photos should be in color (If the word / surrounding is black&white, that’s ok too)
  9. Be as creative as you want

Progress toward 1000! 10.7%